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Chutney Powder | Dal Powder | Karnataka Style Chutney pudi

Chutney Powder

This Authentic Chutney powder recipe is from my mother. Chutney powders are rich in protein, fiber and spices.There are many varieties of chutney powder. This is always my kids favorite one. If this chutney powder is at home, I don't have to prepare any side dished for dosa, rotti or even for idli. With a dash of home made ghee, you should try the chutney powder with hot rice.
Servings 2 cups
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes



  1. Heat the pan on a medium high heat. We will dry roast channa dal and Urad dal separately.
  2. Once the pan is hot add channa dal, stir this dal until it turn golden brown.
  3. It will take approximately 5 min.
  4. Transfer this golden brown channa dal to a bowl, and now dry roast the urad dal. It takes about 2 minutes to turn golden brown.
  5. Add 2 tsp oil to the pan, add mustard seeds and hing.
  6. Once the mustard seeds are popped, add red chillies and curry leaves and fry it for few seconds. Then turn off the heat.
  7. To this, add dried coconut, tamarind, salt, jaggery, and dry roasted ingredients. Mix well.
  8. Allow it to cool completely.
  9. Once this is cool enough, put it into the mixer and grind it to an almost fine powder.
  10. Now the healthy Authentic chutney powder is ready to eat. Eat with dosai, idli, roti or even with hot steamed rice with a little ghee or oil. Enjoy!
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