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Radish Salad

Radish Salad or Moolangi Kosambari is very easy to make, nutritious side dish or snack. To make it protein rich you can soak the Moong dal and add it to the salad. Mulangi / Daikon Radish are low calorie, fat…

Black Beans Salad

Black beans salad

Black beans salad incorporates everything. It is protein rich, have complex carbohydrates and vital nutrients. This is a wholesome salad. This Mexican Salad originated from Mexico. Along with  avocado and black beans this Mexican salad is a  healthy whole some meal. 

Channa Dal and Cucumber Salad (Kosambari)

This salad or kosambari is traditionally prepared on the festivals days in Karnataka.ALong with the festival being, it is a healthy salad which is high in protein and fiber, can be included in the everyday meal.