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Papad Masala | Masala Papad

Papad masala

Easy and simple make evening snack Masala papad or masala happaLa. This is the most popular, healthy and easy snack for kids after school. We can use any kind of papads for this snack! This is Vegan, gluten free recipe…

Cucumber Chaat Recipe

Cucumber Chaat Recipe

Cucumber chaat or southekayi chaat reminds me of my college days, we used buy from the churumuri stall near our college. Both tomato chaat and cucumber masale are our regular snack during our lunch time. Cucumber chaat is quick and…

Corn Chaat | Spicy Masala Corn

Chaat but healthy. Misnomer? Not at all. This is a very quick, easy and healthy chaat that can be prepared by anyone in the family :). This is one of the chaat’s where you can get very creative. Corn chaat…