Sprouted Mung Beans/Moong Salad Recipe

In our last recipe we learned “how to sprout the Mung Beans . Here we have easy salad with the sprouted mung and other seasonal vegetables and fruit. This is a great addition to a low fat, vegan dinner with great protein and fiber content.

In our farmers market I do see lots of Pomegranate, so I decided to use that along with carrot, cucumber. You can also add  colorful Bell Peppers, guava, apples or any fruits available in that season.

To know the benefits of sprouts please read the article by Dr.Shivashankar  Sprouts – Panacea for many ills.

Here is the step by step instructions for the sprouted mung salad /Kosambari.


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  1. Keep 1 cup sprouted moong beans ready.
  2. Take sprouted moong, carrot, cucumber, chopped cilantro, along with coconut and salt. Mix it .
  3. Prepare the seasoning. Heat 2 tsp oil in a ladle. Once it is hot enough add mustard seeds and hing (optional). Once the mustard seeds pops, add cut green chillies and turn off the heat. Add this seasoning to the salad and mix it.
  4. Finally add the pomegranate and mix.
  5. Healthy Sprout salad is ready to munch.