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Akki HappaLa / Rice Papads

Akki HappaLa / Rice flour fryums are an extremely easy to make happaLa. It takes around ten minutes and it is extremely tasty once you deep fry it.

Kodubale / Spicy Rings

Kodubale (Spicy Rings)

Kodubale/kodbale is the specialty of karnataka. My mother makes excellent kodbale and I want to share her recipe with you all.

Potato Chaat Basket

Potatoes are packed with starch, Vitamin B6, C and fiber. Its skin has fibre, flavonoids and other nutrients. This is very quick and easy snack, tastes awesome.

Urad Dal Vada and Thayir Vada

Urad Dal Vada

We will be making urad dal vada using the Mini Donut Maker and also the traditional deep frying method. We will also be making the thayir/mosaru vade.