Tomato Pickle Recipe

This is that time of the year, you see varieties of tomatoes at farmer’s market. You will find the  best tasting tomatoes which  are grown locally here at the farmer’s market. Fresh and flavorful. Why I am talking about these tomatoes?… one thing, you cannot resist buying the fresh tomatoes in bulk. Secondly, picture of our family enjoying the  whole wheat bread sandwich with a layer of  Tomato thokku/Tomato pickle, sliced onions, cucumber and avocado. Mouthwatering huh?  I know, that is why I get these tomatoes and prepare the ultimate thokku. Food for travel ? this tomato thokku is the best one.

Here is the simple, delicious finger licking Tomato Tokku / Tomato pickle Recipe |tomato pachadi recipe.


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  1. Wash and dry the tomatoes. Finely chop these tomatoes.
  2. Dry roast the methi seeds in a pan until seeds sputters and gives the nice aroma. When it cools completely, powder using a mortar -pestle or coffee grinder .
  3. Chopped tomato and dry roasted methi seeds.
  4. Now heat the oil in a big, heavy bottom pan on a medium heat. It is very important to use big pan. Once the oil is hot, add hing, mustard seeds, once the mustard seeds pops add curry leaves. Immediately add chopped tomatoes, grated ginger, and turmeric along with the tamarind. Mix it well.
  5. Let it cook on high heat until the tomatoes are cooked.
  6. Now reduce the heat to medium and add chilli powder, salt. Stir the mix and allow it to cook until all the water evaporates and you can see the oil in the sides. This is process takes almost an hour.
  7. This minute you add the dry roasted fenugreek/methi seeds powder. Mix it well. Let it be on stove on medium low heat for a minute stirring continuously. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool.
  8. The mouthwatering thokku/pickle is ready. Once it is cooled completely store it in a clean, dry jar. It will good for a week to 10 days.
  9. Enjoy the thokku with hot rice and a spoon of ghee, as a side dish your meal or morning breakfast.


After you are done making the thokku, taste it. If you feel it is sour or need chilli powder, keep it back on stove some sugar or jaggery powder/chilli powder  mix it well cook for a minute.