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Mixed Bean Vegan Patties and Burger

Vegan patties

Mixed Bean Vegan Patties and Burger

Mixed bean Vegan patties are a protein packed, vegan friendly, high fiber food. Beans are high protein, high fiber, low fat and filling as well. We have the recipe of mixed bean patties and how to freeze the patties and recipe for making the burger using this vegetarian patties
Servings 8 patties
Prep Time 5 to6 Hours (soaking)
Cook Time 30 minutes


Ingredients for making Mixed bean Vegan Patties:
For seasoning:


  1. First, wash and soak all the beans overnight (garbanzo (channa), black beans, kidney beans, black eye peas) Soaked beans will be double in volume, resulting in almost ½ cup each.
  2. Cook all soaked beans along with potatoes and carrot in a pressure cooker with little water and salt.
  3. Once the cooked beans have cooled down, put it into a food processor. Peel the potatoes and grind them as well. If you don't have a food processor mash it well with your hand.
  4. Heat a big pan on a medium heat, once it is heated add oil, and cumin then add the mashed beans and vegetables to it, along with all the other powders and salt.
  5. Mix everything well and cook in a very low heat for about 1 to 2 min and then switch off the stove.
  6. Once this is cool make it into a small ball and run it over a bread crumbs and just give a little pat to flatten it. If you think the mix is not friendly enough to make the balls add bread crumbs and mix it well.
  7. If you are not planning to use the patties right away, you can store it in a freezer by wrapping them individually with aluminum foil, plastic paper or wax paper, and keep all this in a ziploc bag.
  8. You can make use of these patties for burgers, ragda pattis, tortillas, grill sandwiches, cutlets, and chapathi rolls.
To make burger using this patties:
  1. Take one patty and place it on a hot pan and lightly oil it just to make sure you are making it crisp. Let it toast, and then flip it on the other side and add a little oil to get the same crispiness.
  2. Toast the buns on a pan or in a toaster. Place vegetables in layers like lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado slices, etc. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and then place patty, cheese slice, along with your prefered ketchup, hot sauce, and mustard. Keep other half of the bun on the top and enjoy!!
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