Nippattu – A spicy and crunchy snack


Nippattu is a very spicy, crunchy and tasty snack. There are many variations of Nippatu recipes from family to family. This nippattu recipe is from my mother, and every time I prepare this crunchy cracker following my Mom’s steps, it…

ShankarPoli / Shakkar Pare |DeepavaLi Recipes

ShankarPali / shakkar para is an easy and effortless snack which can be prepared both sweet and spicy. Very popular in Karnataka, this snack is prepared for festivals, for travel time and as a evening snack with tea This is…

Tappale Dosa

Tappale Dosa

Tappale Dosa is a unique healthy and tasty breakfast. It has 3 different Dal’s as ingredients. This is dosa variety is very unique and this Dosa originated in Karnataka.

Gulab Jamun using milk powder

Gulab Jamun is the Indian mouth watering dessert which is very easy to make. Store brought readymade powder has refined oil. Here, however, we know our ingredients. Here we have two methods. To demonstrate 2 different methods, I have divided…