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Ellu Bella Recipe | Sankranti Mix Recipe

Ellu (sesame seeds) bella(jaggery) along with other ingredients is a perfectly balanced mix for the month of January. It has protein, calcium, oil and iron from the ingredients, which are required for our body to rejuvenate from the winter weather.…

Flax seed Chutney Powder

Flax seed chutney powder

Flaxseed chutney powder is easy to make and very nutritious, healthy side dish for our breakfasts like dosa, idli, rotti, sprinkle it on bread toast, and with hot steamed rice. With the right amount of flaxseeds and lentils the taste…

Masala Brown Rice Rava Idli

Masala Brown Rice Rava Idli

Brown rice rava-carrot idli is a very delicious, healthy idli which does not require fermenting. This masala idli is very simple to make and is extremely nutritious with vitamin A, fiber and proteins.

Potato Chaat Basket

Potatoes are packed with starch, Vitamin B6, C and fiber. Its skin has fibre, flavonoids and other nutrients. This is very quick and easy snack, tastes awesome.