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Instant Idli Recipe | Instant Idli using Poha and Idli Rava

Instant Idli Recipe | Insatnt Idli using Poha and Idli Rava

Idli is one of most popular and tastiest breakfast in southern part of India. Along with most popular Mallige Idli, and Rave Idli, there are many ways we can prepare the this breakfast. This is one of the instant Idli which requires no fermentation. It will be very soft and fluffy. If you want you can add pinch of soda to the batter. But I feel it is not needed. It is the best kids lunch box breakfast.
Servings 24 idli
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 to 20 minutes


  1. Wash Poha, add 1 cup of curd ,mix it well, keep it aside for 10 minutes.
  2. To the same add 1 more cup of curd, mix it well.Grind it in a mixer jar to nice paste.
  3. Pour this avalakki paste to a bowl, to this add roasted rava, salt, mix it well. Keep it aside for 20 minutes.
  4. Add enough water and mix it well to get the idli batter consistency.
  5. Grease idli plate with oil and put the batter to each greased idli plate and stack it.
  6. Steam cook the Instant Idli for 20 minutes on medium high heat.Then turn off the heat. If you are using the pressure cooker to steam the idli don’t put the whistle and add enough water for steaming this idli.
  7. After 2 to 4 minute, remove the lid and enjoy the soft instant idli with chutney or samba
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