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Hurigadale Unde/ Fried Gram Laddu

fried gram laddu

Fried gram laddu Ladoo is a 5 minute, easy to make sweet with readily available ingredients at home. During parayana days, my mother used to do this sweet, maybe because it takes less time to get it done :)

Eggless Ice cream recipe (Mango)

eggless ice cream recipe

In most of the countries other than India, eggless ice cream is hard to find. Breyer’s Mango Ice cream is the closest you can get. But, flavor of real fruit is missing. This is a very easy, simple to make…

Yereyappa / Fried Appam

Yereyappa or fried appam is a very traditional sweet which is prepared for Saraswathi Pooja, during the Navaratri festival. Ingredients: ½ cup rice 2 TBSP Thick Avalakki / Poha ¼ cup fresh / frozen coconut 4 cardamom 3 to 4…

Gulab Jamun using milk powder

Gulab Jamun is the Indian mouth watering dessert which is very easy to make. Store brought readymade powder has refined oil. Here, however, we know our ingredients. Here we have two methods. To demonstrate 2 different methods, I have divided…