Rice Roti / Ukkarisida Rotti Recipe

When you say roti, the first thing comes our mind is wheat roti.  The roti  I am talking about is Rice Roti. People who wants gluten free roti, this is the one. So soft and aromatic roti, so delicious and easy to make. We call this roti as ukkarisida Rotti / ubbida rotti in kannada. I personally like to eat this rotti wit banana and jaggery mix . If don’t like sweet taste you can enjoy this with any Chutney or sagu or even goes well with gojju.


Here is the step by step instructions with picture to " How to make Rice Roti" Also the video link.


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  1. Boil one cup of water. Add salt and oil. Then reduce the heat to medium low and add the rice flour.
  2. Mix it using the back of the ladle or back of a wooden spoon. Then turn off the heat. Cover this with a plate and keep it for 10 to 20 minutes.
  3. Then transfer it on to a plate. Grease your hand(wet your hand if the dough is hot) and knead it.
  4. Kneed it until you get this consistency.
  5. Then take desired amount of dough, make a ball and flatten it. Dip this the rice flour and keep it ready.
  6. Now roll it with the rolling pin like rotis(chapathi), sprinkle some flour on the surface you are rolling it on. use the dry rice flour when rolling it.
  7. It has to be like this.
  8. Grease the skillet and heat it on medium heat. Once it hot(it has to be real hot) place the prepared rotti.
  9. Once you see bubbles like this, flip it and wait for the bubbles or it may puff up. Then flip it again.
  10. You will see brown spots like this. If you wish put some oil or ghee on top and remove it from the skillet/tava.
  11. Repeat the same procedure with the remaining dough. Enjoy this rotti with chutney, sagu or sambar.


If the dough is dry add some hot water. If it is too soft add some flour and mix it.

Try this roti with Vegetable Saagu: For Vegetable Sagu click here

You can use Tortilla Press to flatten the rotis.