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Jaggery dosa | Bellada dosa | Vella dosai

Bellada dosa/Vella dosai

Vella Dosai / Bellada Dosa is a very traditional sweet and also surprisingly a breakfast dish. This vella dosai or bellada dosa or jaggery dosa will be prepared on navarathri gombe bagina. Navarathri is 9 days of festival celebrated all over India. This recipe is from my grandmother. This is gluten free dish.
Servings 4 to 5 dosa
Prep Time 3 to 4 hours
Cook Time 10 minutes



  1. First drain the water from the rice and poha and place them in a grinder / mixer
  2. Add all the other ingredients to the mixer and make a fine paste by adding very little water until you get a dosa batter consistency.
  3. Heat the skillet or pan and reduce the heat to low medium.
  4. Grease the skillet and pour a little bit of dough using a ladle and spread it around.
  5. Add little bit of oil around the dosa.
  6. Cook it till it turns brown, then loosen all the edges. Flip the dosa over to cook on the other side too.
  7. Serve hot with ghee or with honey.
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