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almond cocoa burfi

almond cocoa burfi

Happy yugaadi to all. Let this new year bring health, wealth and happiness to you and to your family.Celebrate the new year with Vegan, and gluten free almond cocoa burfi/ almond chocolate burfi or badami chocolate barfi.This is vegan and…

Vegan peanut yogurt | vegan curd

peanut yogurt

Peanut yogurt | Vegan curd or non dairy curd  | vegan yogurt recipe. Plant based yogurt recipe for vegans using 2 ingredients – Peanuts and lime/lemon juice.  We have tried and used this peanut yogurt in many south indian dishes…

Eggless vegan chocolate cake recipe

eggless, vegan chocolate cake

chocolate cake using wheat flour and jaggery | atta cake with jaggery as sweetener! This chocolate cake is made with wholewheat flour, jaggery and cocoa powder flavor. This is eggless, and vegan chocolate cake.Indulge in the irresistible taste of a…