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Seven Cup Burfi | Five Star Burfi

Seven Cup Burfi

Seven Cup Burfi or Five Star burfi is a sweet with five ingredients. Delicious with coconut, ghee and besan/gram flour as it main ingredients. It is one of the popular sweet in Karnataka. With fresh coconut, ghee and milk taste…

Pineapple Kesari Recipe

Pineapple Kesaribath  is delicious mouthwatering sweet made with fresh pineapple and Rava This dessert is perfect  for festival days or just  to quench the  sweet cravings!

Cashew Burfi Recipe, Kaju Katli Recipe

Navaratri, Deepaavali is the  time to make and eat lots of sweets. Everyday during Navaraathri we offer naivedya to God. Looking for ideas to make sweets? here is one easy recipe! Kids friendly  Cashew burfi  aka Kaju Katli is popular Indian…