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Hot and Spicy, Tropical flavored Salsa

Pineapple tomato salsa

Pineapple Tomato Salsa

I had taken my daughter to sports park to play basketball with her school friends. During their practice time, I got acquainted with a very nice Mexican lady, Silvia. Silvia prepares absolutely wonderful Mexican dishes. Here is one of the side dish, a very basic Mexican side dish, Oven Roasted Salsa (Frito Salsa). There will be more Mexican dishes coming on the way, once I get fully trained in preparing those :). Salsa is traditional Mexican dish. Salsa is the Spanish term for sauce. Sweet, tangy and spicy!  it is just right dish can be served as appetizer  along with tortilla chips, as a snack and as a side dish with our own breads, rotis ... There are different ways the salsa can be prepared. This pineapple tomato Salsa has a mild flavor of pineapple which gives sweetness and tangy taste to this wonderful dish.
Servings 4 people
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes



  1. We can prepare this salsa in different ways. Broil whole tomatoes, onion, and garlic for 4 to 5 minutes in an oven safe pan or Heat a tablespoon of oil and slightly roast the tomatoes, onion, garlic and cilantro. Real Authentic way would be to broil or oven-roast the above ingredients.
  2. Once it cool enough, grind the roasted ingredients along with pineapple, lemon juice, salt and chillies. Habanero is the most preffered. But Jalapenos or Serrano or other chillies are also fine. Pine apple needs to be fresh and should NOT be roasted. Frozen is just okay.
  3. Add this paste to cucumber. Mix it well and garnish with cilantro or chopped coriander leaves and leave it for 10 minutes.
  4. Healthy, mouth watering salsa is ready to eat with tortilla chips, tacos, burritos and you name it .......
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