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Basundi Recipe | How to make Basundi sweet

Basundi Recipe

Basundi is rich and creamy , delicious milk based sweet. Though the traditional way of preparing basundi is time consuming, it is worth every minute:) Basundi is prepared by boiling and reducing the milk to ½ the original quantity, and some sugar, saffron and nuts. You can serve basundi warm or chilled with nuts and dried fruits .
This milk dessert is served with poori as well.

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Basundi Recipe

Basundi recipe with video and step by step pictures.
Servings 4 to 5 people
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 40 to 45 minutes



  1. boil the milk in big thick bottom pan on medium high heat . keep stirring
  2. once the milk forms the cream on top, keep mixing scraping the sides as well
  3. After 20 minutes on medium high heat, quantity of milk is reduced by 1/4 th, now add crushed cashews, little pista, and little almond pieces,
  4. Add sugar
  5. Add soaked saffron milk Mix it well. Let it boil until the quantity reduced to half the original quantity (4 cups to 2 cups)
  6. Once it is reduced to ½ and the consistency should be as shown. It takes around 45 minutes on medium high heat.
  7. now turn off the heat and add cardamom powder. Mix it
  8. You can serve Basundi wither chilled or warm. Both tastes amazing.
  9. Before serving add remaining pista pieces and almond pieces on top and serve.

Recipe Notes

  • If you want more sweetness add more sugar even after it is done and boil it for a minute
  •  try this Basundi with Poori
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