Brown Rice Idli Rava (Akki Thari)

Brown rice preserves beneficial nutrients such as fiber, magnesium and vitamin B6, compared to refined white rice which has lost much of these nutrients. Brown rice is rich in antioxidants, and other important nutrients, which help boost immunity, reduce the risk of colon cancer, heart disease and even the severity of asthma.


  • 2 cups of Brown rice.


  1. Wash the brown rice and drain the water completely.
  2. Spread this washed rice on a towel to dry. (It takes around 4 to 5 hours)
  3. Once it has dried completely, heat the pan on a medium heat, and once the pan is hot enough, add this dried rice – don’t put it all at once. With 2 cups, you can divide it into three batches. Roast this rice until it becomes warm.
  4. Transfer this to a plate, so that it will cool off quickly.
  5. Repeat the above step for the remaining rice.
  6. Once the rice has completely cooled down, transfer this into a mixer and coarse grind it. (To the consistency of Idli rava).

Now your brown rice rava is ready. You can store this and use it whenever you make idlis, upma and many other dishes.


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