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Plantain vs Banana? Which one is better?

Plantain vs Banana

Today, we’ll answer a very interesting question: plantain vs banana. Which one of these is packed with the most nutrients? Is it the plantain, or the banana?

Nutritional benefits of plantains:

Nutritional benefits of Bananas:

Banana’s strength over Plantain’s:

Plantain’s strength over Banana’s

Overall Plantains have an edge over Banana, especially if you are committed to a weight loss program.

Please checkout our Plantain Dosa, which requires no fermentation, gluten free and quick to prepare. and  plantain curry recipe which is also east to make, gluten free, vegan recipe.

These links from sfgate and onegreenplanet provide lot of details and interesting comparisons.

Based on the facts above, make sure to introduce plantain’s in your regular diet. Here are some suggestions for introducing to our daily diet. For breakfast’s, you can have plantain dosa    and plantain curry recipe.For the lunch menu, plantain curry or gojju or plantain sambar, are good bets. Avoid plantain for dinner. It can increase gas or bloating.

What are your thoughts? Have suggestions for plantain recipes? Please share with us.

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Banana vs Plantains
How does Banana and plantain stack up against each other?
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