How To Clean Copper

In these days of modern technology, we rarely, if ever, would dare to drink water directly from the tap or a pond as we are aware that it is unsafe due to the presence of disease causing bacteria, viruses and so on. In order to make water fit enough to drink, today we have UV filters and RO purifiers. In such a world, speaking of drinking water stored in copper vessel might sound anachronistic. Nevertheless, one quick look about the science behind storage of water in copper vessel and its benefits might be educative.

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Tarnishing in copper is due the chemical reaction between the molecules on the copper and the surrounding air. This chemical reaction changes the color of the copper. Since we are using copper vessel/jug to store the drinking water it is very essential to wash them every day. Personally, I think that lemon+salt or tamarind are the best copper cleaners – here’s how I clean my copper vessels.
Here we have Step by step instructions with pictures and also the video to show "How to clean the copper Vessel".


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  1. Tarnished copper vessels
Method 1 - Lemon and salt
  1. Salt and Lemon Slice. Either you can use the lemon/lime slice with juice or you can use the squeezed lemon slice.
  2. Cut the lemon/lime to small slices.
  3. Dip the lemon/lime slice in salt and rub it all over the copper vessel. It is very important to clean the interior.
  4. You can see it is changing its color.
  5. Keep it for few seconds and rinse it with water. Only If the utensil is greasy use mild detergent.
  6. Dry immediately with clean cloth.
Method 2 - Tamarind Paste
  1. Apply tamarind paste all over the copper vessel.
  2. Leave it for few seconds and rinse and dry it. Only if the utensil is greasy use mild detergent.
Method 3
  1. Prepare the vinegar-salt solution. Apply it to the copper vessel and rinse and dry the vessel.
  2. Remember to wash every day before you the water in the vessel.


Use the mild detergent only if the copper utensils are greasy.