Churumuri | Mysore Churumuri

When it comes to churumuri, there is one particular vendor I think of, back when I was brought up in Mysore. There was a small shop popularly called Bhattara Angadi(shop) in Saraswathipuram 1st main road. Every evening, there used to be a big crowd that gathered in front of his small shop to savor the churumuri. In fact, people used to come from far away places just to eat his churumuri.
I remember, one rupee would get enough enough churumuri for 4 to 5 people.. 25 paise/1 pack! Hm… it was just mouthwatering. It had a very unique taste that was very different compared to the other street vendors! Here I am trying to replicate that taste and satisfy my taste buds with the imagination of the churumuri I used to eat!

Step by Step instructions with picture to " How to Make Churumuri"


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  1. Check the puri for its crispiness, if it is not crisp just warm it.
  2. Mix grated carrots, onions and chopped coriander and keep it ready
  3. In a big mixing bowl add puri, handful of the above mix, 3 tsp oil, red chilli powder, along with 2 pinches of salt. Mix it well
  4. Add congress kadlekai, and squeeze some lemon juice mix it again.
  5. Here we have bhattara angadi churumuri!


Coconut oil is recommended here to get the authentic taste.

Mix 2 to 3 cups of  puri at once to retain the crispiness of puri

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