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Zucchini Chutney Recipe |Vegan, gluten free chutney

Zucchini Chuntey

Zucchini chutney recipe I Vegan and gluten free zucchini chutney recipe
Zucchini chutney tastes good with rice, rotti, idli, chapathi ..
Zucchini is one of the summer squashes. It looks like cucumber but tastes more like ridge gourd/heerekayi. We can use the zucchini in place of ridge gourd. We can make zucchini rice, zucchini raita. We can add this to rotti as well. It is a very low calorie vegetable, good source of dietary fiber. Also zucchini is a very good source of potassium.
Almost 22 years ago my good friend taught me this zucchini chutney . I have made some changes over the years and been doing this recipe since then.
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Zucchini Chutney Recipe |Vegan, gluten free chutney

Please watch the above video for detailed video instructions to make Zucchini Chutney
Servings 3 to 5 people
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes


  1. Wash and cut the zucchini as shown in the video
  2. Cut onions and chilies into halves
  3. Heat 1.5 tsp oil in a pan on low heat.
  4. Fry the dal until it turns golden brown. Transfer it to a separate plate
  5. To the same pan add chilies, onion, curry leaves, and coriander seeds
  6. Stir it for a few seconds, then add zucchini, and salt.
  7. Mix it, cover it and let it cook for a minute
  8. No need to add water. no need to completely cook the zucchini, 1 minute is enough
  9. Add coriander leaves, mix and turn off the heat. Let it cool.
  10. Grind the zucchini, fried dal, coconut, jaggery, and soaked tamarind to a coarse paste.
  11. Add water only if needed.
  12. Transfer the chutney to a bowl.
For seasoning:
  1. Heat the oil in ladle on medium heat
  2. Once the oil is hot add hing, add mustard seeds
  3. After it pops add dried red chilies pieces, curry leaves. Turn off the heat
  4. Add the seasoning to the chutney , mix.
  5. Serve with rotti, rava idli, dosa, rotis..
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