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Black Beans Salad

Black beans salad

Black beans salad incorporates everything. It is protein rich, have complex carbohydrates and vital nutrients. This is a wholesome salad. This Mexican Salad originated from Mexico. Along with  avocado and black beans this Mexican salad is a  healthy whole some meal. 

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Black Beans

Here is a list of resources that provides interesting information and nutrition details of black beans

Ingredients for Black Beans Salad:

How to make wholesome black beans salad:

Mix all the ingredients together. Add your favorite dressing. Delicious, colorful Black Bean Avocado  Salad is ready to eat!  Goes well as a main course or side dish for lunch or dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions, Suggestions

  1. I wonder if lime would go a bit better with the flavors instead of lemon?
    Great suggestion. Certainly yes, lime adds more flavor.  Adding lemon zest along with lime, brings out a very appetizing aroma to the salad.
  2. What is the best dressing for the beans salad?
    Please check out “Easy and Elegant Green Salad” dressing at Jazzy Vegetarian. It goes extremely well with this salad.
  3. Addition of some corn from the cob adds a nice sweetness and crispiness!
    Another great suggestion. Make sure you use non-GMO one.
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