Ingredient salt or salt to taste

Rava Rotti | Semolina Rotti

rava rotti

Rava rotti/ rava rotti is easy to make tasty and healthy south indian breakfast. We use upma rava / local rava /coarse semolina/coarse sooji to make this rotti. This rotti can be prepared as simple as using only three ingredients…

Oats Upma |Oats uppittu

oats upma

Oats Upma recipe | Healthy vegan and gluten free breakfast recipe Healthy and tasty oats upma with video instructions . Breakfasts are the important meals of the day. We need healthy and tasty recipes for breakfast. Here is the simple…

Cilantro Chutney | Coriander leaves Chutney

cilantro chutney

Cilantro or Coriander leaves chutney is an easy and travel friendly side dish for chapathi, jowar roti and rice as well. Only 4 ingredients chutney – coriander leaves, Salt and tamarind, red chillies, and of course the seasoning. Without seasoning…