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Therapeutic Uses of Turmeric

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Besides flavoring and coloring the food Turmeric has many medicinal properties. Turmeric by nature is Bitter and Pungent to taste and helps in alleviating Kapha and Pitta dosha in the body. Turmeric benefits are numerous in therapeutic uses.

Therapeutic Uses

It is widely used in Cough, cold, Allergies, Skin disorders, Anaemia, Swellings, Hiccups, Diabetes, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Ulcers, and Wounds. Here are some of the useful remedies of Turmeric which can be used as day to day remedy.

Removal of Toxins from the food(Anti-Toxicity)

Food items could contain different kind of bacteria, fungal spores and many toxic chemicals that includes chemical pesticides, insecticides or the fertilizers. When washed with turmeric powder and water it kills all the bacterial and fungal spores and also helps in reducing the toxic effect of the chemicals.

Turmeric as a Cosmetic

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A paste of turmeric along with neem leaves is used in fungal infections of the skin, itching, ringworm infestations, eczema and other skin disorders. A glass of warm milk mixed with half teaspoon full of turmeric powder mixed and jaggery should be given twice daily, morning and evening acts effectively in eradication of urticaria and other allergic manifestations, further it purifies the blood.


Tamarind leaves and Turmeric in the form of poultice, applied externally to the eyes, relieves swelling and pain. A mild decoction prepared from turmeric and purified alum is used as an eyewash in ulcers of the eye or any other eye infections causing redness and pain.


In case of cold, cough, fever, running nose, sinusitis, sore throat etc occurring because of exposure to cold or allergens Turmeric is the best medicine. Here are various remedies for asthma and cold.

Turmeric Benefits for DIABETES MELLITUS

Turmeric is a drug of choice in Diabetes Mellitus. Take 1 part of Aamalaki powder(Goosbery) is given bhavana (triturated) with 4 parts of fresh turmeric juice and dried well, this mixture is commonly called as Nishamalaki Churna which is easily available in all Ayurvedic shops, this churna taken twice daily morning and evenings before food reduces the sugar levels in no time. Turmeric and Aamalaki (Embelica Myobalan or Indian Goosberry) taken together in the form of a decoction will help to clarify urine, removes constipation and lessen the burning sensation (if any) while passing urine.

Finally, as the research is going on this wonderful drug, its uses are also increasing day by day, but to be on the safer side and also to protect ourselves from attack of diseases and to increase the immune system of the body, we can take a pinch or two of turmeric everyday in our food, in any form without any harm. As it is there are no side effects reported by using turmeric everyday in small quantities, but in larger amounts it may increase ushnatva (hotness) in the body causing burning sensation.


Make sure the turmeric that is bought is organic certified and insecticide free. One of them we recommend is Organic Turmeric Powder Spice.


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