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raji Raji began her foray into natural remedy and healthy food many years back. Although Raji is an engineer by profession, Raji left the profession to pursue natural remedies after seeing firsthand its benefits and positive impact on one’s health and life.Raji decided to spread her knowledge and expertise in this field by starting Food and Remedy.
Dr. Shivashankar Dr. S. Shivashankar is a renowned scientist, and is Head of the Division for Plant Physiology and Biochemistry at IIHR. He is also the author of “Antioxidants in plants: Role and function”.Dr. Shivashankar will be contributing to various articles with an emphasis on a chemist’s approach to food and the remedy.
Chaitra Dr. Chaitra B.V is a board certified Ayurvedic Physician, and is devoted to a holistic approach for ailments and illness.
ganesh Ganesh Datta is currently a student at the University of California at San Diego. He is in charge of the technical aspects of Food and Remedy.
anu Anu is an artist by profession. Anu is extremely passionate about bringing the South Indian style of cooking to a varied set of international cuisine. Anu always strives to bring health and taste together in creative fusion dishes.
Mamatha Mamatha Prabhakar has an M.S in Psychology. She will be contributing to articles on Mind, Body and health connection, Faith based healing, as well as case studies.
Meghana S Belavadi Meghana is our public relations officer :). Meghana is working and volunteering under popular Naturopathist, Adishesha, who believes in “Food is thy name of medicine” and treats various ailments via adjustment to our diets and the food we intake. Meghana will be involved in creating documentaries on Naturopathists and also, on the life style’s and diet’s of our healthy senior citizens. This will aid us to make amendments to our life style, and their by lead a healthier and joyful life.

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