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Dry Jamun | Kala Jamun | Indian Sweet Recipes

Dry Jamun

Dry Jamun or Kala Jamun recipe with detailed video instructions. This Dry jamun is another mouthwatering recipe I learned from my friend Vidya.  Dry jamun is as the name says jamun served without the sugar syrup. It is as tasty…

Basundi Recipe | How to make Basundi sweet

Basundi Recipe

Basundi is rich and creamy , delicious milk based sweet. Though the traditional way of preparing basundi is time consuming, it is worth every minute:) Basundi is prepared by boiling and reducing the milk to ½ the original quantity, and…

Pumpkin Kheer | Payasa recipes

Pumpkin kheer

Pumpkin kheer is simple to make and flavorful kheer or payasa using the healthiest vegetable Sweet Pumpkin. This is one of the traditional navarathri recipe. To name a few amazing benefits of super vegetable winter squash Sihi kumbalakayi or cheenikai,…