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Sambar Recipe – Dill leaves and Black Chana

Sambar/ HuLi is the most common dish in south Indian Kitchen.  We use different combinations of vegetables, different spice mix to make it more interesting. Today’s recipe is Sambar with dill leaves(sabbasige soppu) and Black/brown/kala chana(kadale kaalu). Very nutritious and delicious…

Tomato Pickle Recipe

This is that time of the year, you see varieties of tomatoes at farmer’s market. You will find the  best tasting tomatoes which  are grown locally here at the farmer’s market. Fresh and flavorful. Why I am talking about these tomatoes?… one thing,…

Bitter Gourd Gojju

Bitter Gourd Recipe
Whenever I developed an aversion to the food, Bitter Gourd Gojju with rice was one of the remedies from my Mom to bring back me to the normal track! It certainly opened up my taste buds. This Bitter Gourd Gojju recipe is bit unique and different from the usual one, which uses the Rasam powder. Once you try this recipe, repetition of this recipe in the future is guaranteed :)