Ingredient jeera cumin seeds

Cauliflower masala rice Bhath

Cauliflower masala rice bhath

Cauliflower rice bhath is an easy and tasty rice dish, Perfect for lunchbox as well. Here in this recipe I am using cauliflower as main vegetables along with fresh/frozen peas and carrots. . You can use different vegetables like beans,…

Cucumber Idli

Cucumber Idli

Cucumber Idli recipe | Gluten free and Vegan Breakfast Cucumber Idli | Easy and tasty breakfast and lunch box recipe. This cucumber idli is Gluten free, vegan breakfast. And the best part is No need to ferment the batter and…

Spiced Buttermilk | Healthy Buttermilk drink

Spiced buttermilk

Buttermilk, a product of naturally fermented milk, is the liquid left over after removing the fat in the form of butter from churned curd or yogurt tasting slightly acidic and sour in flavor. Traditionally, buttermilk is consumed mixed with rice…