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Upma Recipe | Rava Upama Recipe

Upma recipe – Upma is one of the favorite breakfasts in our home. Breakfasts are very important meal to start our day, which provides energy through out the day. Among our many healthy breakfast foods upma/uppittu is one of the easiest, tastiest and healthiest ones.

Fenugreek seeds Tea | Methi seeds kashaya

Fenugreek seeds kashaya

Healthy methi seeds kashaya / menthya / fenugreek tea recipe. Drink this healthy methi kashaya / menthe kashaya . This hot drink is good for summer which keeps the body cool, and try drinking this menthya coffee / menthya tea…

Carrot Pickle | Instant Carrot pickle recipe

Instant carrot pickle

Instant carrot pickle recipe! Craving for some pickle? Try this instant carrot pickle healthy and tasty moreover it is instant. No need to keep for days to eat the pickle. Prepare and serve. If stored in the refrigerator this  carrot pickle…

Black Eyed Beans Vada | Cow Peas Bonda recipe

Black Eyed Beans Vada

Black Eyed Beans Vada is deep fried south Indian snack.v snack cowpeas or black eyed peas are protein rich, fiber rich beans . Here is the simple yet delicious bonda or vada recipe which is gluten free, vegan and no…