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Wheat Dosa Recipe | Paniyaram

wheat dosa and paddu

Wheat dosa recipe | Godhi dOse | Paddu recipe | Broken wheat dosa recipe | Another addition to our breakfast recipes is this easy, tasty and healthy wheat dosa recipe | godhi dose. 1 batter and we are making 2…

Oats Set dosa Recipe

Oats Set Dosa

Breakfasts are the most important meal of the day. Start the day with good protein, carbs and fiber rich breakfasts. In south Indian kitchen dosa, Idli, rotti are most common breakfasts which are healthy and tasty as well. In this…

Jackfruit Dosa Recipe | Breakfast Recipes

Jackfruit dosa

When jackfruit is in season you should try all the mouth watering dishes using this unique flavored fruit. Jackfruit  dosa is like a sweet, snack, or breakfast dish . It is gluten free, and no fermentation needed. You can grind and…