Ingredient moong dal

Masala Idli Recipe

Masala Idli is super easy and tasty recipe, can be prepared with leftover idli Batter. By adding few items, the regular idli can be transformed into a whole new Breakfast item :) Here I am giving the recipe for 2…

Muchore , Moongdal Chakli Recipe

Muchore/murukku/Chakli whatever the name of this snack, it is simply crunchicious, all-time favorite snack. Muchore is made up of moong daal. So can we call this Moong daal Chakli?… With hot cup of coffee, this is the beat snack! This is the…

Menthya Hittu | MethKoot

Menthya hittu is a multipurpose, protein rich powder. My amma used to make it and used this mentya hittu in many dishes. When I was young, I never used to bother about how you make anything, but I started cooking I started asking my mother every dish she used to make. Menthya hittu was one of the most surprising. Amma told me that she used it in 4 different dishes, each with its own different ruchi, or taste. Here is the recipe to one super powder :)

Sweet Pongal | Sankranthi recipes

Sweet Pongal
Every time I visit India, one of my mandatory stops is at my sister's friend Jayashree's house. Why? She makes the best sweet pongal and puliyogare that I have ever eaten. The sakkarai pongal is absolutely divine. I got this recipe from her so I could share it with you all. When she makes the sweet, she uses 3/4 cup of ghee, so I have modified it to use only 3 tablespoons. It still tastes amazing, so it's an excellent compromise on taste and health.