Ingredient red chillies

Mysore Iyengar Puliyogare Rice

iyengar puliyogare

In the last recipe, we made the Puliyogare Gojju. Now let us move on to make the puliyogare. It requires a special powder recipe and seasoning. Again this technique and recipe is suggested by Jayshree, my elder sister’s friend. Whenever…

Akki HappaLa / Rice Papads

Akki HappaLa / Rice flour fryums are an extremely easy to make happaLa. It takes around ten minutes and it is extremely tasty once you deep fry it.

BisiBeleBath Powder

Bisibelebath Powder

This Bisbelebath powder recipe is from my Mother, who makes excellent Rasam, Sambhar and Vangibath powder in an authentic way.