Ingredient hing

Sprouted Black Chana Usli

Kadalekaalu / black channa sundal /usli reminds me of my childhood days . Every month we used to go to Chandramouleshawara temple in Mysore for sankashtahara ganapathi pooja. There in that like most of the temples, after the pooja they used to give the kadalekaalu usli as prasadam along with karigadubu.

Menthya Hittu | MethKoot

Menthya hittu is a multipurpose, protein rich powder. My amma used to make it and used this mentya hittu in many dishes. When I was young, I never used to bother about how you make anything, but I started cooking I started asking my mother every dish she used to make. Menthya hittu was one of the most surprising. Amma told me that she used it in 4 different dishes, each with its own different ruchi, or taste. Here is the recipe to one super powder :)