Ingredient fresh/frozen coconut

Mango Sesame Rice

Rice, as our staple food we do prepare so many varieties of mixed rice. This Mango rice is one of the variety. Green Mango as we know has generous amount of fiber and Vitamin C. This Sesame flavored mango rice is very traditional dish my mother prepares. Here is the recipe to healthy, delicious Mango rice.

Sprouted Black Chana Usli

Kadalekaalu / black channa sundal /usli reminds me of my childhood days . Every month we used to go to Chandramouleshawara temple in Mysore for sankashtahara ganapathi pooja. There in that like most of the temples, after the pooja they used to give the kadalekaalu usli as prasadam along with karigadubu.

Channa dal Mint chutney

Chutney, there are so many varieties, each one has its own flavor,taste. Each breakfast dish like Dosa, Idli has its own companion, these goes well with a particular type of chutney. Dal-mint chutney is very tasty, healthy and delicious side dish, goes well with almost every breakfast menu like chapathi, rava idli and dosa. In this chutney recipe the mint is optional.